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8 Years Old Ruadh Maor 2009 (The Single Cask) (59.5% ABV)

Technically Glenturret distillery, They call their peated run ‘Ruadh Maor’. By 1957 Glenturret had been closed for more than 30 years, but it was a chap named James Fairlie who revitalised the distillery with the help of some parts from Tullibardine. He decided to make whisky the old fashioned way with traditional methods even back then.This peated whisky is like a pure farmyard in a glass. Delightful!

The Single Cask's Ruadh Maor 2009 8 Years Old (59.5%ABV) obtains a spirited and robust nosing, with dusky peat, sea salt,malt and green leaves. It is followed by sherried sweetness, cinnamon and nutmeg. Its palate consists of Dusky Peat, green leaves at the fore, followed by a fair bitof restrained sherry, malt, sea salt and oak, and lastly Cinnamon and nutmeg. It ends of with a long finish with lingering, spicy and peaty noes in equal measure.

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