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11 Years Old Linkwood 2008 (The Single Cask) (54.7% ABV)

Linkwood has long been prized by blenders, and the vast majority of production goes into Diageo's Johnnie Walker and White Horse blends. The standard expression is the Flora and Fauna 12yo, but this was joined in the official bottlings in 2008 by three double-matured versions that had spent their last 14 years of maturation in port, rum and red wine casks.

The Linkwood 11 years Old (54.7%ABV) have a phenomenon nosing of sweet malt and fruits such as green grapes, pear and kiwi alongside green tea and hints of oak such as cinnamon.

Its palate consists of green grapes, pear and kiwi at the forte, followed by oaks, cinnamon, green tea, walnuts and malt. Lastly, it has a long finish with hints of green grapes, kiwi, oak, and cinnamon. Such whisky is best paired with picnic lovers!!


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