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Orange Rise

Orange Rise is a cocktail created during the Chinese New Year season! Inspired by Chinese traditions, giving mandarin oranges to loved ones during Chinese New Year is a symbolic way of wishing someone happiness and prosperity. Balance with orange citrus and sweetness, DG Bespoke wishes everyone a prosperous new year through our cocktails. 

Pair this cocktail with your Chinese New Year goodies and experience the perfect taste with best of both worlds.

Bourbon, Mandarin Orange, Citrus, Cointreau

20-30% Alcohol Content. Comes in 100ml (1 serving) and 500ml (4-5 servings)

*Note that the cocktails are all handmade and are subject to a slight marginal difference of no more than 0.5% in terms of content variation.

*Note that the Chinese New Year Collection is made with the freshest ingredients and no preservatives. Hence it is best consumed within 7 days.