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Our Partner's Services

In partnership with Concocted Affairs, we provide a one-stop solution for our clients as well. 

Concocted Affairs is a one-stop solution for events setup/project management. We strive to bring your events to greater heights through guest engagements
and consumer experiences. Our services range from bar solutions, bespoke services, provision of manpower product training and brand ambassadors.

We are in partnership with veteran companies specializing in design, manufacture, value engineering, logistics and creative installations.

Concocted Affairs Services

  • Bar Solutions – Service & Bespoke Cocktails
  • Bar Events Management & Setup
  • Workshops & Masterclasses
  • Glassware Rental & Maintenance
  • Design & Fabrication
  • Event Logistics

Why Concocted Affairs?

Having years of experience in the bartending industry, we aim to bring the zenith of bar experiences to our clients with - Fun, Engaging and Experiential experiences. With the profound product knowledge that we possess, we are well equipped to represent your company or brand during events and engage in quality engagements with clients from all walks of life. We ultilise cost effective methods alongside high efficiency planning to enhance the experiences of our clients.