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Knowing your cocktail preference

July 12, 2020

Knowing your cocktail preference

Knowing your cocktail preference


When Singapore went into the “Circuit Breaker” period, many hearts were broken and F&B businesses took a huge hit. In order to stay afloat, many bars in Singapore offered takeaway cocktails for their regular guests. With the lack of showmanship and recommendations offered by bartenders to patrons before the lockdown, do you know what taste profiles you prefer for your cocktail?

Each spirit (Rum, Tequila, Etc) have their own unique flavour expressions. They can be enhanced by another ingredient, or altered to create a whole new flavour. It is important to understand which ingredient compliments the spirit best as too many ingredients will result in a complexed flavour. Simply put, the more ingredients you put in, the harder it will be to balance the drink.

The five basic cocktail flavour profiles are sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty. There are more complex profiles such as Spirit-forward(Strong, Boozy), umami and Astringent. These profiles work together to balance each other and create a delicious cocktail. If you prefer a particular flavour profile, you can enhance it with by adding more to the drink. 

Allow us to explain more to you:

Sweet – Presence of sugars such as honey, fruits, syrups, purees etc.

Sour – Presence of citric acids such as Citrus, vinegar, etc.

Bitter – Presence of Earthy notes such as botanicals, tonic, coffee, dark chocolates, beer, bitters

Spicy – Presence of tingling hotness such as Chilli, wasabi paste, pepper, tobacco, etc.

Salty – Presence of Sodium Chloride such as Sea Salt, Pickles, Cheese, Bacon, etc.

Spirit-Forward – A more profound flavour of the base spirit and stronger presence of alcohol.

Umami – Presence of savoury flavours such as tomatoes, onions, sauces, etc.

Astringent – Presence of tannins such as wine, teas, etc.

Created with passion, D&G Bespoke believes in creating experience through drinks, and building a balanced cocktail creates a delicious outcome. By understanding each flavour profiles and countless of Trial-and-errors, we aim to serve our signature cocktails in the comfort at your own home, with the quality and consistency obtained in cocktail bars.

Now that you know your cocktail preference, let us know what taste profiles you prefer and allow us to tailor a cocktail just for you!